Airtable is web-based spreadsheet application with database features.





We created a kit of tools that you can use while automating the design process.

User Research Airtable Template

This Airtable user research template is a great way to keep track of all your research in one place.
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Sync Your Airtable Base with Webflow.

Powerimporter helps to sync your Airtable base with Webflow without need of automations.

Webflow to Airtable

Anytime a form submission is created in Webflow, create record in Airtable.

Using Airtable as a CMS (Webflow)

Matthew Busel explains how they use Airtable as content management system (CMS) at Whalesync.

Use Airtable for brainstorming

You can use Airtable with Miro to brainstorm with your team in real time directly inside your Airtable base.

UX Repository - Airtable Base for Organizing Research

You can use this Airtable template to organize user studies and gain insight into your product.

Tag Visuals Gathered From User Research

With Airtable Vision, you can use blocks to bring new information into Airtable, visualize and summarize your records in colorful ways.

UX Research Insights Database

You can use this Airtable template to collect and report on the feedback you gather from your user research.
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Lead Automation Workflow

In this video, Connor Finlayson shows lead automation workflow that he uses on Unicorn Factory.

How to use Airtable for successful brainstorming

Gather ideas from your team in real-time and then take action.

How to use the IF function in Airtable formulas

Test your inputs with the great and powerful “IF.”

Design with Data in Adobe XD from Airtable

The Airtable for Adobe XD plugin allows you to iterate on your designs using real content from your Airtable bases.

New Feature UX Research

Zapier product team uses Airtable to streamline the process of conducting customer interviews to help guide feature development.

Create UX Report With Airtable Page Designer

Twit shows how Airtable Page designer block can be used to create e-books. You can also publish your UX reports with this block.

miniExtensions Portal for Airtable

Share records with people outside of your organization.

How to connect Airtable to Tableau, Google Data Studio, and Power BI

Get new insights by connecting your data visualization tools to Airtable.

Bannerbear Banners from Airtable

Airtable for Bannerbear enables you to generate beautiful social media graphics simply using an Airtable spreadsheet.

Airtable to Figma

Use real data from Airtable to take your designs to the next level.

Convert Airtable Records to Miro Post-it's

Miro collaborative whiteboards meet Airtable to help your team manage shared projects from idea to implementation in one place.

Benchmark with Airtable Web Clipper

Airtable web clipper browser extension helps collect images & information to your benchmark tables.

Airtable to Webflow

Anytime a new record is created in Airtable, create live item in Webflow.