At this stage, the presentation of design variations to the team or the customer takes place. Automations such as being able to update the reviewed project with a single click without reloading and sending customer comments directly to slack will be useful for you. We have chosen 4 magical automation that will help and speed up your process.




We created a kit of tools that you can use while automating the design process.

SVGs into React components

A complete tool box to take advantage of using SVGs in your React applications.

3D Icons

Use beautifully crafted icons with any design tool!

Sketch Designs to Miro

The Miro Plugin for Sketch enables you to quickly and easily import images from Sketch onto your Miro boards.

Colored Dots Voting on Miro

By placing colored dots, participants in UX workshops individually vote on the importance of design ideas, and anything else that requires prioritization.

Google Sheets Sync

Sync content from Google Sheets directly into your Figma file.

Ship UIs faster with automated workflows for Storybook

Chromatic automates gathering UI feedback, visual testing, and documentation, so developers can iterate faster with less manual work.

Invision for Slack plugin

The InVision for Slack plugin allows you to connect your Slack team to your InVision designs. You can receive prototype updates, share screen previews.