Present and Display

It is a very time-consuming process to turn design research into a presentation. You can facilitate this process with many automation such as automatic report generation, journey and persona map preparation, automatic data filling, and automatic banner generation. We have chosen 14 magical automation that will help and speed up your process.




We created a kit of tools that you can use while automating the design process.

Webflow to Pipedrive

Anytime a form submission is created in Webflow, create person in Pipedrive, create organization in Pipedrive, etc.

Webflow to HubSpot

Anytime a form submission is created in Webflow, create contact in HubSpot and create deal deprecated in HubSpot.

Airtable to Figma

Use real data from Airtable to take your designs to the next level.

Webflow to Google Sheets

Anytime a form submission is created in Webflow, create spreadsheet row in Google Sheets.


The WhatFont extension identify font family from every language.

Make My Persona By Hubspot

Create professional, customizable buyer personas in minutes with the help of our intuitive free generator.

Persona Template With Notion

The persona template has all the major ingredients you need to create a user persona you can use to fuel design activities in a meaningful way.

Ready-to-use Layouts For Dribble & Instagram

30 ready-to-use layouts for Dribbble and Instagram. Use templates, change the background color, and voila, your amazing shot is ready to upload.

InVision Design System Manager (DSM)

It is a solution for digital product companies leverage the power of comprehensive design systems to scale consistently.

Webflow to Airtable

Anytime a form submission is created in Webflow, create record in Airtable.

How to connect Airtable to Tableau, Google Data Studio, and Power BI

Get new insights by connecting your data visualization tools to Airtable.

Online Diagrams

Easily create isometric diagrams, for presentations, documentation and illustrations.

Visualize and present your data with Jotform

Collect online form and survey responses anywhere — then automatically convert them into eye-catching reports to uncover new business insights and share them with clients, coworkers, or stakeholders.

Create UX Report With Airtable Page Designer

Twit shows how Airtable Page designer block can be used to create e-books. You can also publish your UX reports with this block.

miniExtensions Portal for Airtable

Share records with people outside of your organization.

Google Docs Sync

Sync rich text with formatting from Google Docs directly into your Figma file, also works in multiple frames at the same time.

Webflow Zapier Integration

How to tweet an auto-generated image every time you publish a Webflow post

Create Persona & Journey Map Online

The journey mapping software for you and your team. Create, share and present your maps and personas.


Grammarly helps us to control the performance metrics, such as readability and vocabulary, and also is helpful giving good insight into your writing.

Personify Persona Template

Personify persona template has all the major ingredients you need to create a user persona you can use to fuel design activities in a meaningful way.

How to use the IF function in Airtable formulas

Test your inputs with the great and powerful “IF.”

Send to Top Figma Plugin

Take any selection and send it to the top of the layer stack.

Figma has new plans for companies that design together

Brainstorm, diagram, plan, and connect in FigJam—now out of beta.

Google Slides Presentation from Zeplin Project

Zeplin Slides allows you to create Google Slide presentations from screens of your Zeplin projects.

Google Sheets Sync

Sync content from Google Sheets directly into your Figma file.

Create Professional Customer Journey Maps

Visualize customer experience and collaborate with your team in real time.

Save to Notion

Save links to your Notion databases.

Turn your Figma files px to rem!

Turn your Figma files px to rem with Zeplin.

Storybook Figma plugin

Storybook Connect links your stories to Figma components

Content Reel for Consistent Design

Select one or more layers in your design, then choose a content type from the Content Reel palette to apply.

Mooncake (Figma&Slack Updates)

Automatically post updates to a Slack channel each day with the updates from a Figma file's version history.

Marvel for Keynote

Marvel for Keynote is a simple way to transform your slides into interactive prototypes

Presentation Templates For Figma

Templatery is a growing collection of beautiful templates for Figma presentations. All templates are free and ready to be cloned.

Wave (Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool)

The WAVE Chrome, Firefox, and Edge extensions allows you to evaluate web content for accessibility issues directly within your browser.

Bannerbear Banners from Airtable

Airtable for Bannerbear enables you to generate beautiful social media graphics simply using an Airtable spreadsheet.

Presentation maker that designs for you.

Google Slides Presentation from Figma Frames

Turn Figma frames into a Google Slides presentation. Built completely ontop of the Figma API using a Chrome extension.


Design together, in real time.

CopyDoc Figma Plugin

Everything you need to easily export, import, localize, spell check, and update Figma text.

Produce Avatar Mockups UI Faces

UI Faces collects thousands of avatars that you can carefully filter by age, gender, emotion, and other factors.

Pitchdeck Presentation Studio

Magically turn your Figma designs into animated slide decks or export them to PowerPoint.

Airtable to Webflow

Anytime a new record is created in Airtable, create live item in Webflow.

Webflow to Mailchimp

The simplest way to build your Mailchimp subscribers from all your Webflow form submissions.